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Trans-Mongolian classic tour from Moscow to Beijing with stops in Irkutsk,Baikal lake and Ulaan Baatar.


Trans-Mongolian classic tour from Beijing to Moscow with stops in Ulaan Baatar,Irkutsk,Baikal lake.


Trans-Mongolian Railway Tour from St.Petersburg to Beijing with stops in Moscow,Irkutsk,Baikal lake,Ulaan Baatar.


Trans-Mongolian Railaway Tour from St.Petersburg to Beijing with extra stops in Ekaterinburg and Novosibirsk.


Trans-Siberian Railway Tour from Moscow to Vladivostok with stops in Novosibirsk,Irkutsk,Baikal lake and Ulaan Ude.


Trans-Siberian Railway Tour from Vladivostok to St.Petersburg with stops in Ulaan Ude,Irkutsk,Baikal lake,Krasnoyarsk,Novosibirsk,Ekaterinburg,Kazan,Moscow.


Trans-Siberian and Trans-Mongolian Railway Tickets


Vietnam-Laos-Cambodia Main Sights Tour


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01.09.2019 Snowmobile Safari Russian Steam Sauna Ice Fishing Tour

Snowmobile Riding and Russian Steam Sauna (Banya) in 40 km from Moscow.Two hours driving a snowmobile is the best way to get adrenaline and positive emotions.

Our driver will pick you up from your hotel in Moscow for transfer to Berezky village in 40 km from Moscow City Center,where you have two hours Snowmobile Safari like a race at the frozen surface of a water pond with your friends or a quite ride in snowy winter woods with your family.

It's highly recommended to wear warm windproof clothes and waterproof boots.

After Snowmobile Safari you could get warm in Russian Steam Sauna (Banya) and then have a lunch or dinner in local restoraunt of Russian Cuisine.

For those who would like to continue Russian winter fun trip,we'd like to offer ice fishing on the village ponds,where you could get Trout,Tench,Crucian,Pike and other kinds of freshwater fish.

If you like country style life,you may get overnight in Russian Wooden house (Izba) with real stove and all facilities inside.Breakfast is included.

After the finish of your fun tour,our driver will pick you up for transfer back to your hotel in Moscow.

The details and prices are here:

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