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Trans-Mongolian Railway Tour from Beijing to Moscow in 13 days.

  • Trans-Mongolian Russian Retro Steam Locomotive
  • Beijing,Tiananmen square
  • Beijing,in the restiraunt
  • Beijing,Great Wall
  • Beijing Sights
  • Beijing,one of Olympic games object
  • The Great Chinese Wall
  • Beijing Railway Station
  • Mongolia Terelj National Park Chinghiz Khaan Monument
  • Mongolia,horseback riding
  • Mongolian Gers
  • Mongolia,Visit to Nomad family
  • Mongolia,Chinghiz ger camp.
  • Mongolian nature
  • Traditional Mongolian ger,inside
  • Circumbaikal Old Rail Road
  • the bridge on Circumbaikal old rail road
  • Crazy Train
  • Slyudyanka railway station
  • Visit to Shamans
  • Ice on Baikal lake
  • Baikal Lake Dog Sledding
  • Great view on Baikal lake
  • Olkhon Island,Baikal lake
  • Irkutsk-Moscow (4berth compartment)
  • Moscow.Red Square
  • Moscow,Kremlin and Georgievsky Palace
  • Moscow,History Museum
  • Moscow,Jesus Christ the Saviour Cathedral
  • Moscow,Stalin's Skyscraper
  • Moscow,Myasnitsky street
  • Stalin's architecture of Moscow

Day 1 Tue or Sat

07-27, train № 23 Beijing-Ulaan-Baatar

Day 2 Wed or Sun

14-35 Arrive Ulaan Baatar. Car Transfer to Terelj National Park,50 km from Ulaan Baatar.

Day 2-4 Wed-Fri or Sun-Tue

All Seasons

Eco Ger camp, located on the eastern fringe of the Terelj National Park. Traditional Mongolian Ger accommodation, Full board basic.

Terelj, about 50 km northeast of Ulaan Baatar, is a deservedly popular destination. At 1600 meters in altitude, the area is cool and the alpine scenery is magnificent, and there are great opportunities for hiking, rock climbing, Mongolian archery shooting and horse riding. You also have a great chance to taste Mongolian drinks and delicious.

Day 4 Fri or Tue

13:00 Transfer to Ulaan-Baatar Railway Station.

15:22 Train #305 Ulaan-Baatar-Irkutsk

Day 5, Sat or Wed

14:37 Arrive Irkutsk. Meet and transfer by private car to your Chalet in Listvyanka village,Baikal lake shore and the bank of the Angara river.70 km from Irkutsk.

At 1,642 metres (5,387 ft), Baikal Lake is the deepest and among the clearest of all lakes in the world. Similarly to Tanganyika Lake , Baikal Lake was formed as an ancient rift valley, having the typical long crescent shape with a surface area of 31,722 km2, less than that of Lake Superior or Lake Victoria.

Day 5-7 Sat-Mon or Wed-Fri

Baikal lake, Listvyanka village Baikal Chalet,private room with wc, shower, hot water. Breakfast is included.

Hiking and Climbing tours in the area of lake Baikal-from mid May until late September. Cross-country skiing through the Taiga and across the ice of lake Baikal,Ice scating,Ice Diving, Dogs sledding and other activities in winter time.

Dont forget to taste the smoked Baikal Omul local fish.

Day 7 Mon or Fri,

12:00 Transfer to Irkutsk Railway Station. Free time to explote Irkutsk city. Irkutsk lies between the plains and the mountains. The basic water artery is the Angara - the only river which flows from Lake Baikal From the West, the Angara is joined by another large river system - Irkut River and its tributaries Olkha, Kaya - and from the East, Ushakovska River and Kuda River, as well as a number of smaller streams fn 1955, in connection with the construction of the Irkutsk State Electrical Station Irktusk Reservoir was founded The reservoir is 60 kilometers long and joins with Lake Baikal.

17:18 Train #69 Irkutsk-Moscow

Day 11,Fri or Tue

04:11 Arrive Moscow (Yaroslavsky Station), where you will be met and transferred by private car to your homestay. Moscow, homestay accommodation, breakfast is included. All the homestays are centrally located. You have your own room (single, twin or tripple) which is much cleaner than any other comparative accommodation and you are not in dorm with people you don't know.

Day 11-13 Fri-Sun or Tue-Thu


For your choice

Day 11 Fri or Tue

Moscow Walking City Tour (3 hours)

This tour is a great start to your trip and the best way to get acquainted with many of the city´s major highlights. Our professional guide will escort you on a route that includes Red Square (Mausoleum of Lenin, the clock on the Savior, the History Museum, the Church of St Basil the Blessed), the Arbat-street and much more.

Moscow is magnificent in winter-time. You have an opportunity to skate down the Red Square near the Kremlin walls and to drink mulled wine. To buy fur hat «ala rusе», walking down Arbat-street. To see and touch ice-figures in the centre of city. To celebrate the famous Russian winter holidays: New Year, Christmas and Maslennitsa.

Day 12 Sat or Wed

For your choice:

Tour to Moscow Kremlin and Cathedrals (the Armory Chamber and the Diamond Fund – optionally).

The Moscow Kremlin is situated in the heart of Moscow. It is the oldest part of the city, where Russian tsars resided and Russian emperors had been crowned. It is still the national and politic center of Russia, the official residence of the President of the Russian Federation. Here you can see the majestic ensemble of Cathedral Square and enter the Assumption Cathedral, Archangel’s and Annunciation Cathedrals, the Church of Laying Our. Free Time/Souvenirs Shopping

Day 13 Sun or Thu

Transfer to Moscow's Airport

The total cost, including taxes:

1 person: from EUR 1545 or USD 1790.

2 persons: from EUR 2450 or USD 2840 per couple.

3 persons: from EUR 3615 or USD 4200 per group of 3.

4 persons from EUR 4700 or USD 5440 per group of 4.

Prices include accommodation with breakfast (full board in Mongolian Ger),2nd class train tickets,round way transfers. Guide tours should be booked separatelly,on your choice as optional service. We'll provide free visa invitation for getting Mongolian and Russian visas.

Prices do not include optional services as well as theater tickets, visa processing costs, international airfare and travel insurance.

Dates and services are flexible. Tours can be customized to your taste. We can include additional excursions or performances on your request. We can also mix and match and adjust the accommodation to any hotel/homestay of your choice.

If you would like to make any corrections in schedule, let us know about it,please. We are always ready to discuss and try to make the reasonable itinerary and costs according to our clients preferences. Make your suggestions and we'll do all necessary amendments according to your own travel plan and your budget.

You could arrange your own accommodation and ask us to provide Trans-Mongolian Railway tickets only for EUR 750 per person in average for place in 4 berth compartment.Russian visa invitation is still free of charge in that case.

In case of any questions regarding the tour, feel free to contact us