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Baikal.Husky Dog-Sledding.

Baikal dog-sledding trips are an unforgettable experience in which you are driving your own dogsled powered by a team of our friendly, handsome Kamchatka Huskies. The dog-sledding base and starting point is located in Listvyanka village which is on the shore of Baikal and 70km away from Irkutsk . The base has 40 dogs and is run by a family who race the dogs.

Lake Baikal dogsledding Sled Dog Races / Trail distance:

Dog-sledding speed is 50km per hour at the beginning and 25km/h at the end

- up to 10 minutes: 1700 rubles per person (3km track)
- up to 20 minutes: 2500 rubles per person (5km track)
- up to 30 minutes: 3500 rubles per person (10km track)
- up to 1 hour: 6000 rubles per person (20km track)
- 3 hours with lunch: 9000 rubles per person (lunch made on fire in forest)

One day Dog-Sledding Trip with lunch in forest:

Period: November - March

Duration: 11:30 - 16:30

Distance: 40km

Price: 15000 Rubles

Price includes: dogsledding & musher, lunch, all necessary equipment, national park fees

Overnight dog-sledding trip in forest and/or on ice:

Period: December - March

Duration: afternoon 16:00 - overnight - morning 12:00

Total distance: 40km

Dog-sledding through taiga forest with overnight at the Chernaya base, 200 meters away from lake Baikal. Starting time 16-17:00. One and a half hour dog-sledding to lake Baikal and to the base camp at the Pribaikalsky National Park. Banya / Steam bath in the evening. Dinner and overnight at the wooden huts / twin & triple / sleeping bags. Wood burning stove. After breakfast dog-sledding back to Listvyanka. Approximate arrival time is 12:00.

Cost (Rubles) per Person:

1 per - 18200

2 per - 17400

3 per - 16700

4 per - 15900

Two full days dog-sledding on ice:

Period: February - March

Duration: 2 full days and 1 night

Total distance: 90km

Starting time 11:00. Dog-sledding on frozen lake Baikal to the west. Tea break / lunch enroute. In the evening reach the Shumilikha base camp (Circumbaikal railway). Total distance covered on this day is 45km. Prepare food for dogs. Banya/steam bath at the base. Dinner and overnight at the guesthouse. 2nd day: Breakfast. Continue dog-sledding by frozen lake Baikal to Listvyanka. Stop for lunch enroute. Approximate arrival time is 17:00 / before dark.

Cost (Rubles) per Person:

1 per - 36000

2 per - 32600

3 per - 30600

4 per - 28800

Included program costs: dog-sledding, musher/instructor, meals (lunch, dinner & breakfast, lunch), accommodation, banya/steam bath, national park entrance fees;

Price does not include: transportation to/from the starting point / dog-sledding base, english-speaking guide.

In case of any questions regarding the tour, feel free to contact us