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Irkutsk — train tickets, accomodation and transfers

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Irkutsk is one of the largest cities in Siberia and the administrative center of Irkutsk Oblast, situated 5,185 kilometers (3,222 mi) by transsiberian (transmongolian) railway from Moscow.
Population: 593,604 (2002 Census); 622,301 (1989 Census).
Irkutsk was found in 1661 by Russian Cossack troops established a fortress on the right bank of the Angara river.From the late 17 century,it was the political,economical and culture centre of Siberia.
The city's Russian classical architecture dates from the period of the 1880s when the city boomed after gold was found here.

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We do our tours to Baikal lake from Irkutsk.Baikal lake is the pearl of Eastern Siberia.25 per cents of all the of the fresh water on Earth is contained in Baikal.Over 300 rivers flow into Baikal,but the Angara river is the only one that takes its source from the lake.Baikal is real magnet for tourists.The best way to travel to Baikal is taking our car transfer from Irkutsk and having accommodation in wooding house (chalet) in Listvyanka village,which is located in 70 km from Irkutsk city. Hiking and climbing tours in the area of Lake Baikal-from May until late September. Cross-country skiing through the Taiga and across the ice of Lake Baikal-from February until mid March. Ice skating on Baikal -end of January to the begining of February,when there is the least amount of snow on the ice.

Tours in Irkutsk and Baikal lake

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Train tickets from Irkutsk

to Irkutsk
Destination Train number Departure dates Departure time Arrival time Duration 1st class 2nd class
Novosibirsk 7 On odd dates 06:47AM 09:45AM 28:48 €254 €135
Moscow 1 On even dates 06:47AM 06:00AM 76:14 €830 €380
Ulaan Baatar 306 On Mondays, WednesdaysandFridays 08:08AM 06:50AM 23:00 €184 €121
Ulan Ude 4 On Saturdays 05:18AM 01:00PM 7:17 €160 €80
Ulan Ude 6 On Sundays 05:18AM 01:00PM 7:17 €160 €80
Ulan Ude 362 Daily 10:15PM 06:15AM 9:40 €65
Ulaan Baatar 4 On Saturdays 05:18AM 06:30AM 25:47 €280 €163
Ulaan Baatar 6 On Sundays 08:12AM 06:50AM 25:47 €280 €149
Pekin 4 On Saturdays 05:18AM 02:04PM 57:21 €638 €375
Pekin 20 On Wednesdays 08:27AM 05:31AM 69:28 €650 €400
Vladivostok 8 On even dates 09:47AM 06:55AM 69:51 €430 €190
Ekaterinburg 69 On even dates 07:05PM 10:33PM 54:28 €200
Novosibirsk 1 On odd dates 04:15PM 08:04PM 28:49 €365 €220
Ekaterinburg 5 On Wednesdays 04:05PM 01:38PM 48:1 €428 €285
Novosibirsk 1 On even dates 06:45AM 09:42AM 28:57 €379 €203
Source Train number Departure dates Departure time Arrival time Duration 1st class 2nd class
Moscow 4 On Tuesdays 11:55PM 07:27AM 74:43 €525 €293
Moscow 6 On Wednesdays 11:45PM 07:28AM 74:38 €525 €293
Moscow 20 On Saturdays 11:55PM 08:28AM 75:33 €525 €307
Ulaan Baatar 305 On Mondays, TuesdaysandSaturdays 03:22PM 02:37PM 23:00 €215 €143
Pekin 3 On Wednesdays 07:27AM 03:40PM 55:55 €650 €400
Pekin 19 On Saturdays 11:00PM 06:17PM 67:21 €685 €445
Ulaan Baatar 5 On Fridays 03:22PM 02:37PM 23:24 €209 €143
Moscow 70 Daily 01:35PM 09:46AM 87:11 €346
Ulan Ude 361 Daily 11:47PM 07:52AM 8:5 €51
Moscow 2 On odd dates 11:45PM 07:18AM 74:33 €916 €491
Vladivostok 7 On odd dates 11:30AM 06:24AM 68:54 €563 €239
Vladivostok 1 On even dates 11:30AM 06:24AM 68:54 €778 €283

Accomodation in Irkutsk

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Single Double
Homestay (city center) €53 book €66 book
Homestay (close to the city center) €39 book €54 book
Chalet in Listvyanka village,Baikal lake shore. €55 book €72 book
Angara hotel in Irkutsk €61 book €98 book

The prices are given per room per night, including breakfast.

Homestays should be booked with arriving transfer. Our taxi driver will meet you and transfer to your homestay.

Transfers in Irkutsk

Railway station€35
Listvyanka village€57

The prices are given per car.