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Beijing (also formerly known in English as Peking) is a metropolis in northern China and the capital of the People's Republic of China. It is one of the four municipalities of the PRC, which are equivalent to provinces in China's administrative structure.

  • Temple of Heaven
  • Beihai Park, a garden in the center of Beijing
  • A corner tower of the Forbidden City
  • Chinese live (Grazhina C. Russia)
  • Working,working and working (Grazhina C.Russia)
  • Catch the taxi (Grazhina C. Russia)
  • Tiananmen Square in the centre of Beijing.
  • Beijing Railway Station
  • The Great Wall (sent by Teri Hruska,USA)
  • Beijing National Stadium.The stadium was built for 2008 Summer Olympics and Paralympics.(by Grant and Chastin from South Africa)
  • Beijing National Stadium
  • Sreets of Beijing (by Grant and Chastin from South Africa)
  • Beautiful view (by Grant and Chastin from South Africa)
  • The Railway

Beijing is one of the Four Great Ancient Capitals of China. The municipality of Beijing borders Hebei Province to the north, west, south, and for a small section in the east, and Tianjin Municipality to the southeast.

Beijing is China's second largest city, after Shanghai. Beijing is a major transportation hub, with dozens of railways, roads and motorways passing through the city. It is also the focal point of many international flights to China. Beijing is recognised as the political, educational, and cultural center of the People's Republic of China, while Shanghai and Hong Kong predominate in economic fields. The city hosted the 2008 Olympic Games. You could book by e.mail the following tours in Beijing 1.the Forbidden city. 2.the Great Wall. 3.the Ming Tombs. 4.the Temple of Heaven. The Trans-Mongolian Railway Tour starts from Beijing on Tuesday or Satursay. We do stops in Ulaan Baatar (Ger camp in Terelj National Park),Irkutsk (Baikal lake) and finish in Moscow.

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Train tickets from Pekin

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Destination Train number Departure dates Departure time Arrival time Duration 1st class 2nd class
Ulaan Baatar 23 On Tuesdays and Saturdays 07:27AM 02:35PM 26:58 €380 €275
Ulaan Baatar 3 On Wednesdays 07:27AM 02:35PM 26:58 €560 €375
Irkutsk 3 On Wednesdays 07:27AM 03:40PM 55:55 €650 €400
Irkutsk 19 On Saturdays 11:00PM 06:17PM 67:21 €685 €445
Moscow 3 On Wednesdays 11:22AM 01:58PM 131:43 €1005 €640
Moscow 19 On Saturdays 11:00PM 05:58PM 144:17 €1050 €705
Source Train number Departure dates Departure time Arrival time Duration 1st class 2nd class
Moscow 4 On Tuesdays 11:45PM 11:40AM 127:55 €950 €630
Moscow 20 On Saturdays 11:55PM 05:31AM 145:36 €981 €692
Irkutsk 4 On Saturdays 08:13AM 02:35PM 54:22 €599 €378
Irkutsk 20 On Wednesdays 08:03AM 05:49AM 69:46 €659 €422
Ulan Ude 4 On Saturdays 04:22PM 02:04PM 49:34 €469 €285
Ulan Ude 20 On Wednesdays 03:02PM 05:49AM 62:47 €741 €390
Ulaan Baatar 4 On Saturdays 03:47PM 02:35PM 46:48 €506 €315
Ulaan Baatar 24 On Thursdays and Fridays 07:30AM 12:13PM 28:43 €320 €203

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Jingduyuan €54 book €62 book

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Transfers in Pekin

Railway station€34

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