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Ulaan Baatar — train tickets, accomodation and transfers

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Ulan Bator or Ulaanbaatar is the capital and largest city of Mongolia. The city is an independent municipality not part of any province, and its population as of 2009 is just over 1 million.

  • Ulaan Baatar City
  • Chihghiz ger camp
  • near ger
  • Terelj National park
  • Mongolian Steppe
  • 500 years without changes
  • Chinghiz ger camp
  • Beatiful Dutch girl at Mongolian horse(Jesse and Mimi ,Holland)
  • Ger tent.Terelj national park (Jesse and Mimi ,Holland)
  • Gandaan Monastery
  • Buddha in Gandaan Monastery
  • Horseback riding
  • Chighiz Khaan 40 metres monument
  • Chinghiz Khaan
  • Gandan Monastery
  • Chenghiz Khaan monument and complex
  • Terelj national park,Turtle rock
  • Nomad Family
  • Traditional Mongolian Gers
  • Terelj National Park.From Jasper Wouters

Located in the north central part of the country, the city lies at an elevation of about 1310 m in a valley on the Tuul River. It is the cultural, industrial, and financial heart of the country. It is a transport center, connected by highway to all the major towns in Mongolia and by rail to the Trans-Siberian Railway and Chinese railroad network.

The city was founded in 1639 as a Buddhist monastery center and, in the 20th century, grew into a major manufacturing center defined by its broad boulevards and squares and Socialist Classicist-style buildings.

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Train tickets from Ulaan Baatar

to Ulaan Baatar
Destination Train number Departure dates Departure time Arrival time Duration 1st class 2nd class
Irkutsk 305 On Mondays, TuesdaysandSaturdays 03:22PM 02:37PM 23:00 €215 €143
Pekin 4 On Saturdays 03:47PM 02:35PM 46:48 €506 €315
Pekin 24 On Thursdays and Fridays 07:30AM 12:13PM 28:43 €320 €203
Irkutsk 5 On Fridays 03:22PM 02:37PM 23:24 €209 €143
Moscow 5 On Tuesdays and Fridays 03:25PM 02:28PM 00:00 €483 €299
Source Train number Departure dates Departure time Arrival time Duration 1st class 2nd class
Moscow 4 On Tuesdays 09:35PM 06:40AM 100:55 €580 €350
Moscow 6 On Wednesdays 11:55PM 06:50AM 100:55 €580 €350
Irkutsk 306 On Mondays, TuesdaysandFridays 08:13AM 06:50AM 22:37 €245 €162
Irkutsk 4 On Saturdays 08:13AM 06:50AM 22:37 €245 €162
Irkutsk 6 On Sundays 08:13AM 06:50AM 22:37 €245 €162
Ulan Ude 4 On Saturdays 03:47PM 06:50AM 15:3 €170 €110
Ulan Ude 6 On Sundays 03:47PM 06:50AM 15:3 €170 €110
Pekin 23 On Tuesdays and Saturdays 07:27AM 02:35PM 26:58 €380 €275
Pekin 3 On Wednesdays 07:27AM 02:35PM 26:58 €560 €375
Ulan Ude 306 On Mondays, TuesdaysandFridays 03:47PM 06:50AM 15:3 €170 €110

Accomodation in Ulaan Baatar

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Single Double
Homestay €30 book €45 book
Undruul hotel €62 book €86 book
Bayangol hotel €89 book €124 book
Chinggis Ger Camp €60 book €86 book

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Homestays should be booked with arriving transfer. Our taxi driver will meet you and transfer to your homestay.

Transfers in Ulaan Baatar

Railway station€35
Ger camp (round way)€51

The prices are given per car.