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Vladivostok — train tickets, accomodation and transfers

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Vladivostok is Russia's largest port city on the Pacific Ocean and the administrative center of Primorsky Krai.

It is situated at the head of the Golden Horn Bay not far from the Russo-Chinese border and North Korea. It is the home port of the Russian Pacific Fleet.

  • Submarine Museum
  • Vladivostok Beach (Rick and Nancy from USA)
  • Pedestrian Zone (Rick and Nancy from USA)
  • Pacific Ocean (Rick and Nancy from USA)
  • Pacific Ocean.
  • Panoramic View.
  • Russian Island Bridge.

Vladivostok was closed to the western travellers for over 50 years,now it welcomes foreign visitors and shows of its maritime history,it opens for business and the city is booming as Russia's Gateway to the Far East.Discover the city and the port before climbing aboard the train for incredibile Trans-Siberian Railway Tour.You see the fascinating panoramic city view from Amursky to Ussuriysky Bays,Submarine C-56 museum,Bridge to the Russky Island,where you see Vladivostok Fortress Pacific Fleet museum with exhibition of Soviet Artillery Battery,located on its initial disposition. Vladivostok is the start point of the great Trans-Siberian Railway Tour, contact us

The details of the great Trans-Siberian Railway tour from Vladivostok to St.Petersburg with stops in Ulaan Ude,Irkutsk,Baikal lake,Krasnoyarsk,Novosibirsk,Ekaterinburg,Kazan and Moscow are here:

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Train tickets from Vladivostok

to Vladivostok
Destination Train number Departure dates Departure time Arrival time Duration 1st class 2nd class
Moscow 1 On even dates 07:10PM 02:13PM 146:3 €1033 €549
Khabarovsk 7 Daily 09:52PM 09:54AM 12:2 €139 €82
Irkutsk 7 Daily 09:52PM 10:23PM 74:31 €331 €210
Ulan Ude 7 Daily 09:52PM 03:08PM 67:16 €426 €242
Source Train number Departure dates Departure time Arrival time Duration 1st class 2nd class
Khabarovsk 6 Daily 08:00PM 08:28AM 12:28 €170 €90
Ulan Ude 8 Daily 04:47PM 02:32PM 67:45 €344 €212
Irkutsk 8 Daily 08:57AM 02:32PM 75:35 €479 €305

Accomodation in Vladivostok

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Transfers in Vladivostok

Railway station€33
Ferry Vladivostok — Fushiki (per person)€485

The prices are given per car.